Cannabis Packaging

Custom Cannabis Packaging – Printed Cannabis Bags, Boxes & Pouches

Cannabis has quickly become big business, and that means packaging and presentation is of the utmost importance. Custom cannabis packaging can help with branding and can help leave a favorable first impression with prospective customers.

We offer several custom cannabis packaging solutions, including bags, boxes, pouches, and printed materials like a header card. In addition, we handle envelope printing. As a professional printing and packaging service, we have various solutions for those in the cannabis and marijuana industries.

Shatter Box Package Printing

These are small branded containers used to keep cannabis contained and safe. With custom printing, these boxes can also serve to market your product and raise awareness of your brand.

Cannabis Pouch & Envelope Printing & Packaging

Cannabis pouches and envelopes offer a way to carry marijuana and cannabis extracts. As with other printed cannabis packaging options we offer, custom pouches and envelopes can help with marketing and branding while providing your product a more memorable and professional look.

Header Card Printing for Packaging

Header cards are the branded and information packed cards typically found at the top of products in plastic packages. Header cards can help you disseminate information about your brand and product while also serving as an attractive and professional way to distribute it.

Our printed cannabis packaging solutions can give you a boost above your competition while helping to establish your business name and eye for quality. People expect a professional business to offer a product in a particular way.

If you need help with your cannabis packaging needs, contact us today.