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CD Folders

CD Folder Printing, DVD Folders Printing, CD Wallet & Tray Card Printing

CD folders, CD wallets, and other CD / DVD Folders can offer you several alternatives when it comes to CD or DVD packaging. CD / DVD Folders can fit nicely inside jewel cases or CD wallets.

At Dorado Music Packaging, we have CD folders, CD wallets, and even CD/DVD pocket presentation folders. All our CD and DVD packaging options allow for customization. Custom CD wallet printing and tray card printing options give you control over how your CDs or DVDs will look and feel.

CD Folder Printing

Much like CD booklets, CD folders can add a great deal of information, art, credits, and other visual media to the overall presentation of your product. These folded inserts and their accompanying tray cards will give your packaging the final touch it needs.

DVD Folder Printing

We also handle DVD folder printing. Since the dimensions are similar to CD folders, you can choose which type of disc you want to use your custom folders with.

Tray Card Printing

Our tray card printing services will deliver your custom and sturdy cards ready for insertion into jewel cases or CD wallets.

We have everything you need to deliver a product with excellent custom packaging. For CDs and DVDs, we are a one-stop solution. Depending on your needs, you can find a viable solution to keep your product looking good without needing to search everywhere to find all the necessary but disparate pieces to make it happen.

To learn more about our options, contact us today.