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7" Record Jackets

7-Inch Record Jackets – 7’’ Album Covers & Vinyl Packaging/Printing

A 45 or 7inch record deserves a high-quality jacket that can help it differentiate it from the crowd. Album covers and LP jackets often serve to both complement and define the single release. Our 7" vinyl packaging options include 7-inch custom jacket printing and other custom vinyl printing options, including full-color record jacket printing.

Whether you're going for an understated look or an over the top one, we can accommodate you. Our vinyl record jackets can transform your release from just a record to a small work of art. That's no exaggeration, as any lover of vinyl will tell you; often, the packaging brings it all together. That's why we offer several types of 7" vinyl packaging options.

What Are the Different types of 7" Custom Vinyl Record Jackets?

Our choices for 7-inch vinyl jackets include:

The blank record jackets give you the freedom to have a high-quality jacket as a base before using your own silk screening. The standard jacket gives several finish options. Our 7-inch gatefold jackets offer a lot of versatility.

To learn more about our 7’’ custom vinyl records, contact us today.