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CD Booklets

CD Booklets & CD Tray Car Printing

A CD jewel case gives labels, artists, and distributors an excellent opportunity to add context, meaning, style, and extras in the form of jewel case booklets. We offer CD booklets and CD tray card printing that can allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Consider that jewel case booklets are, in fact, books. These CD booklets give you the ability to add any of a number of things to complement the CD itself. The same applies to CD tray cards as well.

You can include lyrics, liner notes, personal messages, advertising, artwork, or really, anything you want. We want to help you bring that vision to life.

Custom Design Jewel Case Booklet Printing

Our jewel case CD booklets offer you multiple pages to work with. The booklet will fit neatly inside a jewel case after it's folded and stitched into a professional design.

Custom Design CD Tray Card Printing

Just like our CD booklets, our CD tray card printing will give your CD the look and feel you want, while making sure your jewel cases look filled out, presentable, and professional.

Our CD Booklet & CD Tray Card Printing Includes:

Whether you're looking for CD tray cards, booklets, or both, we have options for multiple types of CD cases.

Types of Cases We Can Print Booklets for include: