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Center Labels

Center Label Printing for Vinyl Records - Custom Design Template

Dorado Music Packaging does center label printing for vinyl records. The center label of a record is essential. In fact, did you know the term "record label" comes from the center label of a record? Some center labels are as iconic as the artist or recording itself.

The center label holds important information and branding, so it's important to get it right. We offer a custom center label design template to help guide you towards making sure your center label conforms to your specifications.

Single Set Record Labels for Vinyl

Single set record labels for vinyl comes as two labels in full color or black and white. The two labels provide a front side and back side custom label for a single vinyl record.

Double Set Record Labels for Vinyl

Double set record labels for vinyl provide two sets of dual labels. All the options available in the single set also apply to the double set.

We provide labels for all record sizes.

Center Label Size Options:

You can immediately download our custom center label design templates right here on the site. The .zip file contains templates in either InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, or EPS formats. If you work with another design software format, contact us and we'll find a solution to work with what you prefer.