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Inner Sleeve

10’’ & 12” Inner Sleeve for Vinyl Records

The inner sleeve offers record protection, but custom vinyl record sleeves also provide an opportunity to show off art and branding. Many people confuse the inner sleeve with the jacket, but they're two different things. The inner sleeve cradles the record and sits inside the jacket.

As such, inner sleeves are a versatile part the record. You can customize our 10" & 12" inner sleeve for vinyl Records with full color or black and white words or images. Our sleeves also come with a matte or gloss varnish.

Use Your Own Custom Artwork with Our Design Template!

Our inner sleeve templates provide a wide array of customization options. Conveniently, we offer templates in the most popular design software formats and we will work with you if you use a template for a program we don't include. Download the templates, add your designs and branding, and then send us the result.

With custom vinyl record sleeves, you can truly personalize your records on multiple levels. Professional packaging isn't limited to the jacket or the center label.

The more custom design you include in every part of the overall vinyl packaging, the more people will appreciate your efforts. Our printing services for a 10" & 12" inner sleeve for vinyl records gives you the power to do more and say more with your packaging designs.

If you need any help with the process, contact us today.