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7.25" Record Jackets

7.25 Inch Record Jackets - 7.25’’ Album Covers & Vinyl Packaging/Printing

Dorado Music Packaging produces high-quality album covers and LP jackets in the form of 7.25" vinyl packaging that is made to help your record look its best. We offer jacket printing, custom vinyl printing, and full-color record jacket printing options. The 7-inch record is small, but it doesn't have to go unnoticed.

Since a 7-inch record typically comes into use as a vehicle for releasing a single, it's important to put every effort into making sure that release shines. The packaging is part of what makes these shorter records aesthetically pleasing and collectible.

Even in blank record jackets, a 7-inch record needs to have the layer of protection offered by the jacket as much as it needs the shine of the 7.25" vinyl packaging to help it draw people's attention.

What Are the Different types of 7.25" Custom Vinyl Record Jackets?

We have more than one option for 7.25" record jackets.

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