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Classic Tip-on Record Jackets

Classic Tip-On Record Jackets Just Like the Historic Record Jackets

A tip-on record jacket says a lot about the music it holds. Once, these jackets represented the norm when it came to jacket packaging. Records from the 70s made heavy use of tip-on record jacket packaging. Many people have large doses of nostalgia and fond memories of that old-style, record jacket packaging.

You can intentionally evoke the look and feel given by a tip-on record jacket with our old school record jacket printing services. Using a tip-on record jacket says the album it contains wants you to consider it a classic. Alternatively, the tip-on jacket can let people know your label and artist has refined tastes and an appreciation for the history of vinyl.

What is a Tip-On Record Jacket?

A tip-on record jacket involves printing the cover art on sheets of paper, then gluing those sheets to the board stock. The "tip" part of the name comes from how the paper was applied to the underlying board. By contrast, the direct-to-board method of printing directly onto the board stock is the current norm.

Tip-on jacket suppliers don't all achieve the tip-on effect in precisely the same way. A major issue with the tip-on jackets from the 70s was they weren't of the highest quality, and hard to keep in good condition. Our classic old-style record jacket packaging maintains the authentic look but uses paper wraps laminated onto heavy board shell.

Tip-On Record Jacket Options:

12" Classic Tip-On Single Record Jacket
12" Classic Tip-On Gatefold Jacket

For more information about tip-on record jackets, contact us at your convenience.