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Terms and Conditions


All commitments and agreements to sell or deliver are made with the understanding that no liability attaches to Impressions LA/Dorado Music Packaging, Divisions of Corporate ImpressionsLA Inc., for failure to fulfill them due to strikes, natural disasters, accidents, war, inadequate supply of labor or any material, government demands or priorities, transportation delays or other conditions beyond Impressions LA/Dorado Music Packaging’s control.


To prevent delays in processing and shipping all customers without approved credit must prepay all orders (including 10% overage and estimated shipping/freight), unless otherwise specified.
We encourage all customers to submit a credit application, which are available upon request. Credit Applications will be evaluated by our credit department and if deemed credit worthy our Customer will be assigned a credit limit. Customers may make purchase(s) up to the dollar amount of their “credit limit”. Once an account has reached or exceeded their “Credit Limit” the customer will be notified and future purchase(s) will be subject to either a reduction in the outstanding balance and/or pay prepayment any new orders. The account will remain on “credit hold” until the account balance is reduced below the limit.

We reserve the right to accept or deny credit.

Returned Checks

A charge of $40.00 will be applied to your invoice or balance for any check returned for any reason.

Delinquent Accounts

Delinquent accounts are accounts with balances due past their credit terms. Delinquent accounts will be charged a late fee of 1.5% of unpaid balance per month.

In addition, if your account becomes delinquent, all future orders will be placed on hold until payment in full is received. Delinquent accounts will be subject to credit review and at that time their credit privileges may be decreased or revoked.


Cancelled orders will be charged a 5% surcharge or $25 fee, whichever is greater. Cancellation charges will also include fees for all work done and materials used up to time of cancellation. 

Returns / Errors

We, as manufacturer, stand behind our products and guarantee our customers satisfaction. Samples of damaged or unsatisfactory product must be submitted for review within 30 days of delivery. The company is not responsible for any consequential damages as the result of any error. Our liability is specifically limited to the value of the product manufactured. We reserve the right to request the product be returned to us for inspection or correction.


Unless otherwise stated for a particular product, all prices are quoted FOB North Hollywood, CA. All shipments will be sent via the most efficient and economical method to meet the customers needs. Please provide a street address rather than a P.O. Box. Extra charges and/or delays may result if correct address information is not provided in a timely manner. All freight charges will be billed to the customer.


Custom item quotes are valid for 30 days. We reserve the right to alter quotations if upon receipt of the order the specifications of the project vary from the quoted specifications. All prices are quoted subject to purchaser assuming all taxes and charges of any nature imposed by any local, state or federal government agency.