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Blank Record Jackets & Sleeves

Blank Record Jackets for Vinyl Records & Albums

Our blank record jackets offer a tremendous amount of value for labels, distributors, and others who need quality blank vinyl record jackets for myriad reasons. Blank record jackets can serve several purposes, and how you choose to use them is up to you. Blank record jackets give you options, and sometimes those options aren't so obvious.

Uses of Blank Record Jackets

A major benefit of blank record jackets is you can use them as is; sometimes, it's easier and even preferable to go with a minimalist approach.

You may also already have a trusted silk screening or other printing services you work with. In that case, our high-quality blank record jackets will give you a superior product to use as a base.

Maybe you want to add some personalization to a short run of records. You may even have uses for your blank vinyl record jackets we can't imagine. We have blank single jackets for records - 12", 10", 7.25", 7" and various configurations for each.

Blank Record Jacket Sizes:

No matter the type of record you need to package, we have the blank jackets you need. Keep in mind our blank record jackets can come in coated or uncoated white; gloss or matte black; and brown chipboard. We don't limit you to just one style or finish and we also have the option to add a die cut center hole.

Reach out to us if you have any questions or need help selecting the right option for your needs.