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Shatter Boxes

Custom Cannabis Shatter Box & Envelope Printing – THC & CBD

For marijuana packaging, shatter envelopes and shatter boxes are an ideal way to brand, package, and distribute concentrates. One of the major concerns with shatter and other marijuana concentrates is keeping it clean and potent while distributing it.

A coin or shatter envelope, or a shatter box is really all you need to maintain the quality of your concentrate just before it reaches your customer. In turn, your customers will appreciate you giving them what they need in a simple but effective package they won't have any trouble with.

These packaging solutions also offer easy access to the product and a discreet package that isn't as bulky as a glass jar.

Custom Printed Shatter Labels for Marijuana Packaging

Custom printed shatter labels are also a major part of marijuana packaging. You should consider custom shatter labels, shatter envelope printing, and other custom packaging designs as a necessity.

Shatter boxes and shatter envelopes can facilitate your distribution needs, but it's your custom label and branding people will remember. Our printing and packaging services can help with branding and give you the room you need to print the required information on your product's packages.

Making use of marijuana packaging to stay in compliance is just as important as using it to distinguish your business from the rest.

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